About Us

Locally Grown/Locally Owned
Wurtzel’s Garden Center has been serving the Saginaw area since 1984. We are a family owned and operated business on a mission to provide our customers with locally grown plants to enhance the beauty of their homes and property.

By operating our own greenhouse in Thomas Township, you can be assured that the plants you purchase from us are vibrant and healthy and will thrive in this climate. We think that’s especially important for plants you purchase for your vegetable garden. Healthy plants produce healthy food for your family to eat.

As a family-owned, local business, we don’t look like a big-box garden center, and we think that’s just fine. Our garden center is large enough to offer you a great selection of plants, but we’re small enough that we treat you like family. You will always receive personal attention from our staff.

What We Believe
Audrey Hepburn said it eloquently, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Some people see a garden and all they see is hours of planting, weeding, watering, and tending. All they see is work. Others see a garden and their senses are filled with fragrant scents, lush colors, and the sound of birdsong. Their imaginations are filled with wonder. 

We believe that gardeners are good people. Their patience in tending plants pays off in remarkable ways. They take a bouquet of flowers to the widow who lives next door. They give jars of homemade jam to the church bazaar. They exchange cuttings with other gardeners.

Gardening is more than a hobby or interest. Gardening is a way of life, and gardeners are among the most generous people we know. If you believe these things too, we invite you to come to Wurtzel’s Garden Center. You’re not just a customer to us. You’re a valued member of our community.


We have what you want!
You can also count on us to offer the plants you want. You’ll find the latest, on-trend plants and colors for your garden along with the tried-and-true varieties you know and love. Our friendly staff will help you find what works in your yard. We’ll answer all your gardening questions.


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